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Frequently AskedQuestions

Tec-Tel Communications is a company that prides itself on providing knowledge through consultation, education, mixed with transparency. Within the Frequently Asked Questions Section we have provided answers to some of our most common question. If you have a question you would like added to this section please contact info@tec-tel.com.

1) Does Tec-Tel Communications Provide Maintenance Packages?
​Yes. Actually Tec-Tel Communications does not just provide standard maintenance packages. We also provide customized packages to meet our clients actual maintenance needs and budgets. For more detailed information, call (855)577-0400 for a free quote and maintenance assessment or email sales@tec-tel.com.

2) What Does Your Phone Installation Process Consist Of?
​Tec-Tel Communications provides a full service phone installation experience. We start by assessing your company and its needs, then consulting on the most cost effective and feature rich options for your organization. Then we follow up with the installation, next the cutover, then the registration, folowed by making sure the system operates properly and lastly the ongoing maintenance. For more detailed information click here.

3) Why Should I Work With Tec-Tel Communications?
Tec-Tel Communications is more then just a telephony sales company or an Avaya IP Office Business Partner. We are a full service telephony firm providing everything from consultation , implementation to maintenance. Tec-Tel Communications prides itself of being a truly customer-centric organization. We reach if not exceed our goals of providing top level service, helping to save money for our clients, and also provide the most cost effective-highly feature rich telephony solution that fits all of our client’s actual needs. For more information about Tec-Tel click here.

4)What Does It Cost To Work With Tec-Tel Communications?
Well this is a hard question to answer. Mostly because each company is different and we don’t provide cookie cutter off the shelf solutions for anyone. We prefer to provide FREE assessments then discuss options with each customer. What we can tell you is usually if we suggest changing carriers for instance, on average we save our clients 60% over their installation charges.

5) Why Should I Trust Tec-Tel Communications?
With a combined knowledge of over 30 years in telecommunications, Avaya IP Office products and field service we have made it our mission to become experts in our field. For more information about the Tec-Tel Communications management team click here.​

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