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Phone Installation andRepair

wiresDo you have an out of date phone system? Call us for a new system evaluation or for a service repair.

While Tec-Tel Communications services and maintains Partner, Merlin, Definity and Nortel systems, we only install new the Avaya IP Office.  Please surf our site for constant updates, videos, and offerings around the Avaya IP Office.

Our New System Installation Process:

1) Project Kick Off: A Project Manager, Lead Technician, Lead Engineer, and Client meet or have a conference call to discuss system program, onsite preparation and installation, carrier ports and turn ups, and training to prepare for smooth installation. This is the point when all data is collected for system programming.

2) Engineer pre-programs and tests to ensure system is programmed correctly and calls flow properly.

3) Lead onsite technician surveys new system location and meets with client to discuss timelines.

4) PM ensures timelines are met and acts as the liaison between the client, engineer, onsite technician, carrier, etc.

5) Physical onsite installation of system and training of end users and system administrators.

6) First day of business a technician is onsite to ensure overall satisfaction of the client and everything is working as planned.

7) PM registers the system with Avaya

8) Tec-Tel Communications provides 30 days of free MAC change support for any new system installation.

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