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Realtime Agent: Manage your business with real-time monitoring. While the Cradle to Grave view and Chronicall’s detailed reports allow you to see call data after calls have ended, the Realtime module uses live data about your agents, hunt groups, and queues to provide customizable displays and information at a glance. This is true real-time; there is no five-second refresh rate. The second a call comes in or an agent’s status changes, Chronicall will incorporate the new data into the unique Agent Timeline, Group Timeline, and Realtime Canvases.

Avaya CCR: Customer Call Reporter is a server based contact center product designed explicitly for small businesses. Drawing upon the latest web and design technologies, IP Office Customer Call Reporter introduces significant new capabilities to effectively and efficiently manage a single-site call centre environment. The product focus is on ease of use and deployment simplicity to ensure improved ongoing productivity and lower support costs. In its native web server environment the IP Office Customer Call Reporter can be simply installed onto a single server without the need for any client software deployment. Administration and management of the call center is carried out via a thin client through a secure password protected web browser session.

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