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While Tec-Tel Communications services Partner, Legend, Magix and Norstar products, we only sell and install Avaya IP Office and products which integrate with Avaya IP Office.  But we are more than just sales people we take you through the consultation all the way through the maintenance of your phones.

Tec-Tel Communications can service any Avaya legacy system.  Whether you have a Partner, Merlin, Definity, or Nortel we have experience technicians and engineers nationwide to solve almost any problem.  However we aren’t just known as a services company.  We’re also consultants.  When approaching every client, Tec-Tel takes a consultative approach.  No two clients are alike and we must understand their overall business, pain points, employee productivity, as well as total client experience to come up with a unique solution and maintenance package that works for them.  After years of experience and trial and error we feel that collectively the people at Tec-Tel along with Avaya’s technology can solve any problem or enhance any business.  We like to take a big picture approach and not just focus on just saving money or being the cheapest on the block.  Our experience shows in our work and we truly care about every clients experience.  Understanding that all clients no matter the size completely rely on their telecommunications infrastructure is a big part of providing goods and services to their community.

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